How dose WvW Work in Guild Wars 2?

You fight against two other servers in a given period. I think it is 2 weeks but I hear that it should be in one / a few days in the first period. When the predetermined time has passed so all ranked servers and you get two new opponents. In this way the resistance will then be smoothed over time.

There are a total of four maps, three of them are border areas (looks the same) and a central map called Eternal Battle Ground. It uses various siege equipment to take towers, forts and resource camps of the enemy. Each server also controls an Orb of Power and they can steal from each other and to the Altar of Power, which you yourself possess. Each Orb gives 5% max HP.

The objects on the maps are worth a certain number of points added to your server’s total score each 5 minutes.

  • Supply Camps – 5 Points/ 6 on each map
    Towers – 10 Points/
    Keeps – 25 Points/ 3 on each map
    Stonemist Castle – 50 Points/ one in Eternal Battlegrounds.

Who will be the best server in Guild Wars 2?


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