List of all the Mini-pets of Guild Wars 2 (Updated 9/8 2012)

Here are a list of all the minature/mini-pets of guild wars 2, I think it’s up to date, but the list is getting bigger and bigger for each day that passes so I’m guessing the list isn’t 100% accurate.

Guild Wars 2 mini pets

Fine Miniatures

Bandit Bruiser
Bandit Cutpurse
Bandit Saboteur
Bandit Scout
Dredge Excavator
Dredge Resonator
Forest Spider
Frost Drake
Frost Fang
Green Moa
Harathi Sharpshooter
Harpy Warrior
Hylek Nahualli
Hylek Tlamatini
Inquest Extinguisher
Inquest Golemcaster
Inquest Technician
Jungle Stalker
Krait Slaver
Modniir Berserker
Modniir Ice Sage
Peacemaker Sharpshot
Peacemaker Shocktrooper
Peacemaker Soldier
River Drake
Seraph Archer
Seraph Heavy Guard
Seraph Juggernaut
Seraph Mage
Shaman of Jormag
Skale Blighter
Skritt Forager
Storm Imp
Svanir Hunter
Swamp Spider
Tamini Warrior
Wolfborn Berserker

Masterwork Miniatures

Dredge Mining Suit
Dredge Strazar
High Inquisitor Maut
Hylek Amini
Hylek Cuicani
Ice Elemental
Mark I Assault Golem
PK 632Z
Polar Bear
Seraph Medic
Seraph Recruit
Svanir Berserker
Svanir Icebreaker
Swamp Drake
White Moa
Wolfborn Hunter
Wolfborn Shaman
Yellow Moa

Rare miniatures

Big Nosed Ted
Comrade Molechev
Eelob Poisonfang
Eir Stegalkin
Flame Shaman
Frost Spider
Logan Thackeray
Pink Moa
Ragar Shardhammer
River Drake Broodmother
Skarn Darkhoof
Yaotl the Fierce


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