guild wars 2 for free guide

Play Guild Wars 2 100% Free – Learn How to not even pay for the Game itself

We all know that guild wars 2 is a MMO like no other MMO. When people talk about guild wars 2 they talk about the next generation of MMORPGs, because there’s just so much that sets this game apart from any other World of Warcraft-clone kind of game. One of the main things that is different is that there’s no monthly fees in GW2, the game company ArenaNet (that makes the guild wars series) has made this bold move and gone from the subscription format that has been along since the birth of Massive multi players, instead they will have in-game shops where you can buy in-game items for real money.

But guild wars 2 isn’t 100% free, yes there’s no monthly fees but you still need to buy the game, like any other game on the market. That has become a problem for some people, not everybody can afford to put $60 on a game. That’s why I decided to make this blog, to help people that can’t afford guild wars 2 and for people who want to play the game for free without monthly fees and without any payments at all.

How is it Possible to get GW2 for Free then?

It’s kind easy actually to get Guild Wars 2. I made a guide over the web 2.0 Squidoo. You can find it here. How to get guild wars 2 for Free. It’s a simple and great guide that anyone can do, no matter country, age or anything ells. The guide is 100% legit and legal and you shouldn’t be worried at all because hundreds of people have already got free games this way.
If you have any question about this guide you can leave a comment down below, otherwise I think you just should check out the link above or any of my other guides that you can find in the tool bar to the right. Thanks for reading my little guide and mabye I’ll see you in Guild Wars 2!

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